*stands up*  Hi, my name is Carl, and I’m a Designer.  I was also at one point a Physicist, and an Engineer...and also a Photographer/Videographer.  You know, actually, I still am those things.  And I’m also a road cyclist, an amateur chef/baker, a researcher, and most importantly, a big nerd who is passionate about things that most people usually aren’t passionate about.  I work hard at the things I do because of that passion.*sits down*

*stands up again* Oh, and click on the pic to see the important stuff, or check the Blog link at the top *hesitates sitting down, waiting for you to click...come on, do it. my legs are getting tired*

Hostess HoHo’s are a registered trademark of Interstate Bakeries Corporation, of course. 

Also, check out this recipe for HoHo Fruit Kabobs!

Remember when HoHo’s™ were wrapped in foil?